As we’re a few weeks into spring, you can’t blame our team at Floor Coverings International for letting warm weather, emerging buds, and longer days inspire our flooring recommendations. Whether you are choosing designs for your new home or you are renovating existing spaces, the spring season is the perfect theme to direct your choices. But how can you turn spring into flooring inspiration?

The colours of spring and the image of nature can help you make a major impact in your home décor.

Seasonal Colour

The colours of spring are not exclusive to spring which is why they can make a design statement in your home. When you’re thinking of flooring, you probably want to go with more subtle spring colours including natural tones. Obviously, flooring options are diverse regardless of the type or material of flooring you prefer. But when it comes to making the most of your flooring, consider how spring colours can accent each other. Dark wood tones in your flooring against the backdrop of a vibrant green accent wall can conjure images of the lushness of spring.

You can go even bolder with your choices in your kitchens or bathrooms. Porcelain tiles in your kitchen and bathroom may offer a splash of spring colour to the space. Mosaic tiling on your bathroom floor is a great way to incorporate a spectrum of spring colours without overwhelming the room. In the kitchen, consider subtle hues of blue or green to create a sense of spring-like calm.

Remember, seasonal spring colours can be incorporated in your flooring and in other accent features in any room. When it comes to choosing the perfect flooring for your home, it always helps to consider your overall design first. When you work with our team at Floor Coverings International, we can help you better understand how your flooring can elevate your overall design.

Turn to Spring for Flooring Inspiration

Return to Nature

When we think about spring, many of us think about the outdoors. The cold winter weather is behind us and we’re ready to get back to nature. Meandering through the forest or strolls through the garden can help you get inspiration for your home décor. Not only do rich natural woods make great flooring options that can give you a piece of the outdoors in your home, but even carpet, tile, and stone floors can reflect the fundamental qualities of spring. Consider how your flooring can bring warmth and comfort to a room.

Still, our return to nature does more than inspire our style; it should also remind us to be practical in our flooring choices. Different rooms will have different practical considerations that should be made. Bathrooms and kitchens need to have waterproof flooring – that’s clear. But, if you’re an active person during the spring, you want to be sure that your floors will stand up to whatever you throw at them. Durability, maintenance, and function are all factors that you should be considering before you choose a floor.

Spring is a great inspiration for your flooring design, and Floor Coverings International has a dedicated team that will guide you from inspiration to reality.