It seems like the last 2 years have disappeared into a timeless void. Nevertheless, here we are entering 2022 with the world still gripped by a pandemic and many of us wondering how to bring a little excitement to our lives. With extra time spent at home, it’s no surprise that many of us are thinking about home renovations. So, with that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the hardwood flooring trends for 2022. After all, hardwood flooring is timeless, durable, and one of the most popular aesthetic choices for new home flooring. Without further ado, here are Floor Covering International’s predicted trends for hardwood flooring in 2022.

Variation in Colour

Obviously, hardwood flooring naturally offers some variation in colour between panels, but in 2022 we’ll start to see bolder blends of flooring colours. In fact, one of the more popular trends coming out of 2021 is to combine planks of various sizes and colours to add depth and dimension to any room. This can be achieved by investing in reclaimed hardwood flooring, but some wood flooring options will naturally offer more variety in colour and grains.

Colour Extremes

Smokey tones in hardwood floors are becoming more and more popular and they’re sure to continue to define design trends in 2022. Like all hardwood flooring options, they are classic and bring an undeniable warmth; but gray tones in your hardwood floor are new and cutting edge. They are a great choice for recreation spaces where you want cooler, darker tones.

Whitewashed hardwood flooring is distinctly modern as well but from a brighter perspective. These hardwood floors can contribute to a rustic aesthetic while also adding a sense of space and lightness to a room. If you’re looking to achieve a cool, clean look, bleached hardwood floors are going to lead design trends in 2022.

2022 Hardwood Flooring Trends

Natural Textures

We often reduce the textural components of hardwood flooring to make the surface smooth and comfortable under the foot. In 2022, the natural textures of hardwood flooring will be embraced in the design world. Bringing out the natural textures in hardwood flooring highlights the timelessness of these flooring options while conjuring images of nature for a soothing effect.

Creative Sizes

Wide planks or narrow planks, you’ll see designers getting more creative with the size of hardwood flooring planks in 2022. Wide plank flooring has many aesthetic benefits and can be easier to install simply because there are fewer planks. At the same time, wide plank hardwood floors make a design impact due to their simplicity. Nevertheless, narrow plank hardwood floors are also likely to make a resurgence in 2022 because the floors are more dynamic.

At the end of the day, hardwood flooring is always a great choice for your home. And while we certainly see changing trends in hardwood flooring, the reality is these floors are always in style. Hardwood flooring can be contemporary or classic, rustic or modern, and because they are durable and popular, they represent a great home investment.