High traffic areas such as foyers, hallways, and mudrooms require special flooring consideration. Obviously durability and maintenance are key factors that guide flooring decisions, but just because you need a sturdy floor for foyers, hallways, and mudrooms doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

There are many beautiful flooring options on the market today that make a perfect fit for high traffic and any style or budget. This month, we’ll discuss some of the most popular options, but remember to consult your flooring expert for more guidance when it comes to flooring for foyers, hallways, and mudrooms.

Solid Wood

Contemporary, but classic – solid wood flooring literally stands the test of time whether you’re talking about durability or style. Even in heavy traffic areas, solid wood flooring is durable and aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to solid wood flooring options, you’re sure to find a tone that delivers a warm and welcoming design for years to come. On the other hand, solid wood can be damaged by moisture if it’s not properly maintained, and softer woods can easily scratch. With that being said, these floors can be refinished to restore their original charm.


Tile flooring comes in many shapes and sizes…and colours and patterns too! Ceramic tiling is exceptionally durable and often featured in home foyers. For durability and lifespan, few flooring options compete with ceramic tiles, especially when you consider their cost. Tile flooring is waterproof, pet proof, and stands up well to high traffic. It is easily cleaned and maintenance is minimal. However, ceramic tile can crack if it is not installed properly or if the subflooring shifts. Another disadvantage of ceramic tile is it isn’t especially comfortable to stand on; but, for high traffic areas where people tend not to congregate, it’s a great flooring option.

Flooring for Foyers, Hallways, and Mudrooms


Laminate flooring is attractive, affordable, and durable. Another major advantage of laminate flooring is that it comes in a wide range of styles, colours, and patterns – it can be made to mimic the appearance of wood or tile but at a much more budget-friendly price range. Plus, it’s easy to maintain. Still, laminate flooring won’t always feel like real wood or tile; and depending on the thickness of the veneer, it may not be as durable either. Nevertheless, you can invest in laminate floorings with a thick veneer and you’re sure to enjoy low-maintenance and attractive flooring for many years.


Stone flooring is a contemporary flooring option that is definitely trending in the 21st century. Limestone, marble, slate, and even concrete can create a bold impression in your home. Natural stone flooring is sure to last your lifetime and longer. These floors are easy to clean and come in many different textures, patterns, and colours. While stone flooring is expensive and less comfortable to stand on, many designers love the aesthetic and practical advantages these floors offer for high traffic areas.


Another modern flooring option that is also sustainable is cork. For an environmentally-friendly flooring option that is comfortable, few flooring options compare to cork. Not only does cork dampen sound, maintain ambient temperatures, and provide a cushioned feeling underfoot, it also is mildew and mold resistant. Cork will need to be regularly maintained to prevent damage to the surface and it will also need occasional resealing, but it’s a very attractive flooring option.

As you can see, there are many great flooring options for foyers, hallways, and mudrooms – and we’ve barely scratched the surface. Consult Floor Coverings International and let our experts help you find the perfect flooring for any space or style.