At Floor Coverings International, we specialize in flooring for all contexts. When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your office, there are several factors that you need to consider that you may not when choosing flooring for your home. The interior design of your office communicates so much about your business with your clients or customers; but, there are also practical considerations that must be made as well. For example, office spaces often see a lot more traffic than homes so durable flooring is a must for a workplace. Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors that influence choosing the right flooring for your office.

The Nature of your Work

Flooring for a medical office will be very different than flooring for a real estate office. Depending on the nature of your work, you’ll want to choose flooring that meets the unique demands of that work. Obviously, you want to create a comfortable environment for employees and visitors alike, but your flooring must also meet your required standards for safety and durability. Likewise, factors such as noise reduction, water resistance, and chemical resistance may need to be considered.

With that in mind, vinyl or tile (either ceramic or stone) can be great options for an environment that would benefit from water-resistant surfaces; however, vinyl and epoxy provide better chemical resistance. Hard wood floor, carpet, or carpet tiles are beautiful flooring options that are also comfortable but potentially not suitable for some workplaces. When it comes to safety, non-slip flooring options such as textured ceramic or porcelain tiles are durable and safe.

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The Demands of the Flooring

Ok, so describing flooring as demanding is a little strange, but the reality is many flooring options have more demanding maintenance needs. Additionally, the cost of flooring is a factor that will certainly influence the type of flooring you choose for your office space. Low-maintenance materials such as luxury vinyl tile, epoxy flooring systems, or even polished concrete can be very attractive and budget-friendly in the long term when you consider savings related to maintenance costs.

Beyond maintenance, some flooring simply costs more. Materials may be more expensive to purchase or install. Nevertheless, the ongoing maintenance costs should also be factored into your long-term budget. Some more costly materials may actually be more budget friendly over the lifespan of the floor simply because they are more durable and therefore more suitable for a commercial flooring system. Working with our experts at Floor Coverings International will help you choose office flooring that is equally attractive and budget-conscious.

Your Unique Style

Finally, it is always important to consider how your flooring will reflect on your company’s style. Choosing the right flooring is not just about durability, comfort, and safety but also about curating your unique style. What does your office flooring say about you and your brand? You may want to lead with an eco-friendly impression by choosing cork, stone, or bamboo flooring options. Or, you may envision a classically elegant style best delivered by natural wood materials. Ultimately, your flooring can say so much about your style and your company values.

Remember, choosing the right flooring for your office is not the same as choosing the right flooring for your home. There are unique demands depending on the nature of work that you do and your interior design. Our team of flooring experts at Floor Coverings International is poised to guide you through the many versatile flooring options available for any office space. Contact us today to learn how we can help you choose the right flooring for your office.