Whether you are building a new home or completing serious renovations, flooring should be one of your most careful considerations. Choosing floors for your home requires making careful decisions about function and style – you want the right floor for each space to be comfortable and durable, but you also want that floor to match your décor. Given the investment that new flooring can represent, finding the right balance between budget, aesthetic, and utility is incredibly important. This guide to choosing floors for you home will help you strike that balance perfectly.

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Your very first consideration when choosing floors for your home needs to be your budget. Depending on the total surface area that will receive new flooring and the types of flooring you prefer, the cost of installing new floors can vary significantly. In addition to the actual flooring, you may also need to consider the cost of underlay as well as delivery and installation of the floor. For renovations, there will also be costs associated with demolition and removal of existing flooring.

Our flooring consultants at Floor Coverings International are dedicated to working with each of our customers to identify the best flooring for their budget including the cost of all the accoutrements such as baseboards, installation materials, and installation costs.

Choosing Floors for your Home


Your aesthetic is uniquely yours. Some people love bold patterns and colours while others prefer an understated look. Trends come and go, and while it can be helpful to review current flooring styles, you ultimately want to choose flooring that meets your personal style preferences. What colours and patterns are you planning to highlight in your home or rooms? What kind of flooring do you typically gravitate toward – natural materials such as hardwood or stone, or soft and cozy carpets? There are a wide variety of flooring options to choose from so take some time to decide what you like best and what will most likely fit your décor.


People often neglect to consider how a space will be used when they are choosing flooring. There are some obvious choices that you would never make (think carpet in the bathroom – yikes), but durability, water-resistance, and comfort are all functional considerations to make when choosing flooring. For example, carpet is a great choice for stairs or bedrooms, but in a home with pets or young children doesn’t always fit the best for living rooms. In your bathrooms and laundry rooms, you want sturdy, waterproof flooring options such as tile, stone, laminate or vinyl. In the kitchen, you’re likewise looking for a flooring option that is waterproof but also comfortable to stand on for longer periods of time. As such, stone or ceramic tiles are not always the best choice; whereas modern advances in hardwood flooring can represent comfortable and resilient kitchen flooring that is equally attractive.

Choosing flooring for your home can be a painstaking process; but, when you put in the time to make the right choice for your home based on your budget, style, and function, you’ll be more likely to get beautiful flooring that lasts the lifetime of your home – or at least until you decide it’s time to renovate (again?).