When you have a busy household, durability is an important feature for flooring. Of course, there are many durable flooring options that are well suited to rooms with specific functions – like tile in bathrooms or vinyl in laundry rooms; but sometimes you also want to find durable flooring that elevates the style of a room too. So, depending on the room and its function, your personal style, and your budget, there is a lot to consider when looking for durable flooring. This introduction to durable flooring will help you find the right flooring for your goals.


Solid hardwood floors will literally last a lifetime. Even engineered hardwood benefits from technological advances that significantly improve its durability. For example, many engineered hardwood floors are waterproof and resistant to scratches while still available in a variety of grains including oak, pine, and walnut. For this reason, hardwood flooring is often the go-to choice for homeowners who want an elegant flooring option that can stand up to heavy traffic and pets. Of course, hardwood flooring comes at a cost and tends to be one of the more expensive, durable flooring choices.


Believe it or not, carpet is cost effective and very durable. Like hardwood flooring, carpet today is engineered to be stain resistant making it another great option for rooms that get a lot of traffic. The range of carpet colours and designs makes it a very versatile flooring option as well. With regular vacuuming and maintenance, carpet will look and feel fresh for many, many years.

Bathroom Flooring that Makes a Splash


Laminate is an increasingly popular flooring option for anybody who wants durability on a budget. Today, you’ll find most laminate is water-resistant and very comfortable to walk on. Plus, laminate can be manufactured to appear like natural materials such as wood or stone so it can contribute to a very sophisticated décor.


Tile is the number one flooring choice for bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, and laundry rooms because it is waterproof and it can last forever. Whenever you are concerned about the potential for moisture or spills, and even in rooms that get a lot of traffic, tile is a great choice. Unfortunately, tile is a less common choice for living areas such as bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms – so it’s not as versatile as other flooring options.

Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl flooring is trending in 2021 – particularly as luxury vinyl flooring options offer durability, style, and affordability. Resistant to moisture and scratching, luxury vinyl is easy to install and maintain. Plus, given its low cost, it can be replaced as design trends change.

As you can see, there are many durable flooring options to choose from for your home or business. At Floor Coverings International, our flooring experts can help you understand which flooring is best for your style, your space, and your budget.